Why Your Law Firm Needs to Invest in a Managed Print Service Solution

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April 7, 2017
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April 13, 2017

No matter the size of your company or the industry you operate in, it is vital to reduce and control your costs as well keeping your network as secure and safe against cyber-attacks as possible. Keeping track of, and managing your office expenses and security, can be both timely and costly. One of the largest expenditures a company faces is the cost of print and document production, eating up on average 3% of a business’ revenue. Further to this, printing networks, if not implemented strongly, can be a major security weak spot. For law firms in particular, it is vital that their business is doing everything in its power to reduce unnecessary costs and fight security breaches. One strategy that many law firms are now using to fight these two costly business hazards is the implementation of a Managed Print Service (MPS).

What is MPS?

MPS is a service provided by an external company to manage all aspects of your businesses printing devices; the optimisation of these devices will save your law firm money and improve document workflow. Many businesses underestimate the time and money spent on their printing and research has shown that the majority of outlays are hidden with only 20% of the costs visible. Using a managed service means no unexpected or “hidden” bills, as customers can set up a payment plan so they know exactly how much they are spending.

How an MPS solution can benefit your law firm.

The legal sector remains a document intensive industry and we are often asked by legal firms what can be done to reduce or control their print-related costs. Paper documents are the backbone of every legal firm, however the industry is under growing pressure to revaluate its use of hard copy documents and embrace modern ways of working. Due to the number of important papers law firms print on a regular basis, embracing an MPS could be the perfect solution. If implemented efficiently, a law firm can reap the rewards which come with an MPS solution:

Enhanced security – The legal industry is privy to all manner of confidential and sensitive documents. Keeping these documents safe is vital to a firm’s reputation. A managed print solution allows for secure printing and only those authorised can collect the document ensuring confidential documents are kept out of the wrong hands. With this enhanced security, “follow me” printing, a roaming print service which allows print jobs based on location, allows visiting lawyers to securely print their own documents without jeopardising their work or the hosting law firm’s network

Cost savings – An MPS provider will typically audit a business’ current print infrastructure to identify immediate savings. Consolidating printing devices and taking advantage of multi-function printers reduces supplies and repair costs. 86% or organisations state the main reason for implementing an MPS is to control costs.

Increased productivity – By cutting out time consuming manual tasks through digitisation and automation, users can spend less time at the printer allowing them to focus more on their workload. Further to this, IT resources are freed to concentrate on more vital issues, rather than troubleshooting print issues, as these are dealt with by your MPS provider. Efficiency and high productivity levels are essential to law firms, there is pressure from senior judges who want law firms to have systems in place to file, record and retrieve information quickly and cost effectively.

Eco-friendly – The average lawyer prints out 100,000 pages per year, with many law firms now implementing sustainability initiatives to reduce excess waste, MPS is becoming a very popular solution amongst this industry. Executing an MPS service can help your business become more environmentally friendly. Less energy consumption and a more eco-friendly manufacturing process, including less wastage from consumables, can help lead to a reduction in your carbon footprint and improve your CSR reporting.

Standardised equipment – Means all users in all departments, whether working remotely or in the office, can easily access and use all the functions within the managed solution.

Streamlined document workflow – An MPS reduces the number of steps needed to process documentation, digital capabilities, and mobile print solutions, allowing for peak efficiency.

Single invoice – Due to the solution being part of one single service, your law firm no longer has to worry about sending numerous invoices for toner, maintenance and paper etc. The solution allows for one single invoice to cover all your printing needs, saving valuable time.

Consistent print quality – By having a central solution to your print-related procurement, there will be a consistent quality and process across the entire business’ printing activities.

How we can help

DigitalTeam are specialists in creating strategies for print usage across organisations. We have extensive experience with working with law firms to implement an MPS solution to help them reduce costs, provide security and streamline their print document strategy. We will work closely with you to analyse your existing print strategy before providing a bespoke MPS solution. By partnering with DigitalTeam, we will combine all your print activities into one single source solution leading to a significant reduction in overall costs and improvement in business efficiency.

We will flawlessly manage your entire print infrastructure whilst you focus on the day-to-day running of your business. If you would like to make the move to an MPS, have an audit across your print activities or would just like to know more about what we do, contact our experts today.








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